8 Ways to Stop Your Hair from Tangling

By Pranjal

Knotted locks can be very difficult to handle, but there are several ways you can prevent your hair from tangling.

There are several factors why your hair is constantly tangling. So, here are 8 ways to stop your hair from tangling.

Condition Your Hair

Using conditioner on your hair will restore moisture and make your hair less tangled.

Rinse with Cold Water

Rinsing your hair with cold water can prevent any breakage and tangling.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Applying organic oil is an excellent way to take some extra care and give a healthy dose of moisture.

Apply Hair Masks

Applying hair masks often can improve your hair texture drastically and restore hair moisture.

Use Detangling Products

Using detangling products like sprays, conditioners and serums can effectively undo knots.

Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

Try to get a silk pillowcase as it protects your hair from getting tangled.

Wide-Toothed Comb

Try to use a wide-toothed comb, which can remove knots more effectively without pulling your hair too much.

Dry Gently

Gently squeeze your hair with a towel and remove excess water out of your tresses.

Tangled hair is difficult to handle and can damage your hair. Maintaining a proper hair care routine will help you manage your hair.

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