8 Tips to Make Your Baby’s Skin Glow

By Priyanka

Many people search for simple tips to make their baby’s skin fair or glow even before delivery.

Baby skin is very sensitive and prone to infection, so, here are 8 tips to make your baby’s skin glowing and fair.

Hot Oil Massage

Go for a hot oil massage with almond oil or olive oil, which can deeply moisturize and enhance your baby’s skin.

Natural Scrubs

Using natural scrubs can remove unwanted impurities for the baby’s skin.

Homemade Mild Body Pack

Applying body masks can protect it from infection and improve the baby’s skin health.

Don’t Use Soap

Experts suggest not using soaps, because they are harsh and full of chemicals that make the baby’s skin dull and dry.

Apply a Mild Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer is essential, and prevents the baby's skin from drying out.

Feed Fruits

Fruits are full of nutrients and fiber that may help in the overall improvement of baby’s skin.

Use Baby Wipes

Try to use soft and natural baby wipes to clean their skin and not let dirt settle on skin.

Mild Sunbath

Getting a mild sunbath can get a great dose of vitamin D, which protects from infections and disease.

Try to incorporate these natural remedies in your baby’s skin care routine, your baby will be thankful in the future.

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