Top 6 Surprising Makeup Facts and Myths

Many social media and beauty influencers share facts and tips, but unfortunately, most of those tips turn out to be myths.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, make sure that makeup you apply will not affect it. So, here are 6 Surprising makeup facts.

Red Lipstick Cannot be Carried Well by Everyone

This is a big myth! Anyone can wear red lipstick and look stunning.

Lip Plumper Can Increase the Size of Your Lips

No, lip plumpers will not increase the size of your lips.

Eyeshadow cannot match Your Eye Color

Wearing eyeshadow and eye makeup really lifts your eyes and makes them pop.

Concealer Should Always Be Lighter Than Foundation

This is absolutely not true; it is best to match your concealer like your foundation to your skin tone as possible.

Primers and Moisturizers Work the Same Way

This is a big myth. The primers are completely different in the formula from moisturizers.

Choose Your Foundation that Match Your Forehead, Neck, Cheek or Hands

Finding the perfect foundation is the toughest task in makeup, because your forehead, neck and hands differ completely from your face.

These makeup facts and myths surely help you make it easy while choosing the right and perfect product.