5 Skin Care Rules from Richa Chadha

By Priyanka

Richa Chadha is a talented and gorgeous actress. She won millions of hearts with her new performance.

Richa Chadha has millions of followers because she impressed her fans by her glowing and smooth skin.

Use a DIY Mask

Richa advises natural ingredients and DIY face masks, because they bring instant glow to her face.

Drink Enough Water

She Said, drinking enough water throughout the day is essential for clear and healthy skin.


Richa starts her day with meditation, which makes her focus better on work.

Sleep Well

She said, get enough sleep every night and stay away from gadgets. Read a book before sleep.

Wash Face Twice a Day

Cleaning your face twice a day is super important, which removes dirt and grime out of the face.

Richa Chadha is an inspiration for many women. So, follow her skin care routine for better looking skin.

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