Silicone Hair Treatment: Benefits & Side Effects

By Priyanka

Many people get Silicone hair treatment due to its smoothening effects, and offers beautiful silky hair.

Silicone hair treatment is best fit for hair care, and it provides smooth, frizz-free and lustrous shine.

Benefits of Silicone Hair Treatment

This treatment makes your hair smoother & protects you from environmental elements.

Boost Shine

This treatment makes you shine under artificial lights and bright nature.

Deep Conditions

This treatment turns your hair into soft & easy to manageable.

Minimizes the Damage

This treatment also reduces damages caused by heat-styling tools.

Side-Effects of Silicone Treatment

A silicone treatment also has side effects too.

Difficult to Wash

It is difficult to wash off silicones from your hair, which leads to the ineffectiveness of other products.

Adds More Weight to Hair

Long-term use of this treatment can weigh down your hairs and make them appear dull.

Silicone treatment may benefit your hair by adding volume, making them shiner and smoother. Still ask the stylist to know more about it.

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