9 Terrible Side Effects of Hair Smoothening

By Priyanka

Everyone wants smooth hair but not everyone is lucky to get it. Straight and smooth hair is hassle-free and easy to manage.

If you don’t know about the side effects of hair smoothing, then in this web story you will know 9 terrible side effects of hair smoothing.

Chronic Hair Fall

While smoothing, the excessive use of heat and harmful chemicals makes the hair follicles weak, causing hair fall.

Damage Natural Hair Texture

In the smoothing treatment, the disulfide bonds and amino acids in your hair strands are broken and temporarily give them a new structure.

Extreme Dryness

Smoothing treatment may cause extreme dryness after a few washes.

Split Ends

High temperature exposure during a hair smoothening treatment can cause split ends.


The chemicals used during hair smoothing treatments may lead to dandruff, which causes hair fall & itching.


Using lotion and serums excessively during treatment may cause greasiness.

Hair Discoloration

Smoothing may cause hair discoloration, which is a serious side effect that you might not experience immediately.

Hair Thinning

While smoothing treatment, the density of your hair may reduce due to thinness caused by the high temperature.

Dizziness and Skin Rashes

Harsh chemicals used during smoothing treatment can cause dizziness and burning sensation near your eyes.

Hair smoothing treatments are known for making your smooth, manageable and styling. But sometimes, this treatment may cause several side effects.

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