4 Shocking Side Effects of Hair Gels

By Priyanka

Hair styling is part of grooming, and using hair gels are good for styling, but regular use of hair gel may put your hair at risk.

Regularly using hair gel can make your hair look dry and dull due to chemicals in it. So, here are common side effects of hair gels.

Dehydrates Your Hair

Hair gels contain harsh chemicals that strip off moisturize from your hair, making them dehydrate and dry.

Hair Loss

Hair gels can dry or dehydrate your scalp and hair, making your hair prone to fall easily.


A dehydrated scalp can cause irritation and itchiness of the scalp leading to dandruff.

Discoloration and Hair Graying

Regularly using hair gel can cause split ends, discoloration, thinning, damage and early graying.

Hair gels are definitely easy for staying in your hair, but it can dry out and dehydrate your hair, along with dizziness and unmanageability.

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