6 Ways to Remove Hair Color Stains from the Skin

By Priyanka

Hair dye at home can stain your forehead, neck and hands if you are not carefully applied.

It may cause irritation if you have sensitive skin, so, here are 6 ways to remove hair color stains from the skin.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great cleansing oil that can be applied safely to remove hair dye stains.


Gently massaging Vaseline onto the stained area can remove hair dye stains and keep the skin soft and supple.


Toothpaste contains whitening ingredients that may help remove hair dye stains from your skin.

Makeup Remover

Using oil-based makeup remover can help you get rid of hair dye stains and keep your skin clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can also help you remove hair dye stains from your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then avoid using it.

Nail Polish Remover

It also helps you remove hair dye stains from your hands. Avoid using it on your face and neck.

Next time, apply hair color very carefully. Still, you end up with staining your skin, then follow these methods to remove it.

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