Morning Skincare Routine During Rainy Season

By Priyanka

Following a good morning skincare routine during monsoon can keep all the season related skin issues at bay and give a glowing skin.


Cleaning your face often can remove dirt and oil build-up from your face.

Moisturize Your Face

Using moisturizer on a daily basis can help your skin look young and glowing.


It is important to apply waterproof sunscreen even during the rainy season.

Vitamin C Serum

Using vitamin C serum can make your skin radiate from within and gives glowing skin.

Lip Care

Don’t ignore your lips. Massage your lips with oil or apply lip cream that can help in blood circulation and gives pink lips.

Use Light Makeup Products

Applying heavy makeup can lead to bacteria and clogged pores during the rainy season.

It is important to change your skincare routine according to seasons to get happy and healthy skin.

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