Mistakes to Avoid While Shaving Your Underarms"

By Priyanka

Choosing to wax or shave your underarms is a personal decision, and both are great ways to remove body hair more effectively.

If you prefer to shave your underarms then that’s ok, but not doing it the right way is not ok. So, here are common mistakes to avoid.

Not Exfoliating

Exfoliating your underarms right before shaving, this can remove dead skin cells and give you smoother skin.

Using a Razor for Too Long

Using one razor for too long or frequently to shave your underarms will not give you good results.

Over Shaving

Over shaving can cause irritation, dry sensitivity and also remove the protection layer. So, shave your underarms when it is necessary.

Not Shaving in an X Pattern

Shaving your underarms in the X pattern is the best way to remove body hair, without any skin irritation.

Not Cleaning the Blade

Every time you shave, the blade accumulates dirt and dead skin. So, it is important to clean the blade after every stroke.

These are the common mistakes that people do while shaving their underarms, so try to avoid these mistakes and get clean underarms.

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