5 Medical Treatment Options to Treat Red Stretch Marks

By Priyanka

You may notice red lines on your thighs, arms, stomach or any other body parts. These red lines are called red stretch marks.

This is a common skin condition that happens by overstretching your skin. So, here are 5 medical treatment options to treat red stretch marks.

Laser Therapy

Treating red stretch marks with laser therapy will be effective in improving their appearance.


This treatment is one of the best ways to reduce red stretch marks. Several studies also found that it’s effective.

Chemical Healing

In chemical healing, acids are used to peel away the top layer of the skin, getting a smoother surface.

Topical Creams

These creams can improve the appearance of red stretch marks. Also, it may cause redness, and irritation.

Micro needling

This treatment boosts collagen production and improves the appearance of red stretch marks.

These treatments may improve the appearance of red stretch marks and also boost collagen productions.

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