Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey: Tattoo Artist"

By Priyanka

Kelly Doty is a professional tattoo artist, and she was a finalist in the Tv show called Ink Master. She is from Connecticut.

She gained popularity for her tattoo designs and became a fan favorite. She is also in the news because of weight loss.

Several people want to know about Kelly doty weight loss journey, read to find her diet and workout routine that helped her to lose weight.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss

Kelly doty shed a lot of her body weight and she looks slimmer now and doesn’t have chubby cheeks anymore.

She followed a well-balanced diet and proper exercising routine, and also, hired a fitness coach to help her in her weight loss process.

Kelly Doty Diet Plan

She starts her day with a healthy breakfast (egg whites & toast), and on lunch, she eats lots of vegetables and poultry and dinner will eggs, meat, and salads.

Kelly Doty Workout Routine

Kelly started hitting the gym 2 times a day. Her exercises include Jumping rope, strength exercises, low-intensity cardio, and more.

Kelly Doty is an inspiration for many women and has proven that even if you’re busy, still you can live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

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