Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplantation

By Priyanka

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure and this gives a natural looking result and can help treat alopecia.

This procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Here is everything about the ideal candidate for hair transplantation.


Age should be above 25 years, to get a hair transplantation.

Hair Diameter/Caliber

Through this procedure, you will get denser covering if your hair is thicker caliber or has a large shaft diameter.

Donor Hair Density

Donor site has 80 hair follicle units per square centimetre, and can choose this procedure.

Degree of Baldness

Baldness is severe, then you might not be the ideal candidate for this treatment.


You are the ideal candidate for this treatment, if you have reasonable expectations for this procedure.

It is very important to check whether you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplantation. These are the main factors that determine the effectiveness of this treatment.

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