How Many Carbs Can a Diabetic Have in a Day?

By Priyanka

Consuming carbs is very important for our overall body, but if you are a diabetic then it becomes very confusing to figure out the right quantity.

According to the dietary guidelines, a diabetic person should get 45-65% of daily calories from the carbs.

How Does Food Affect Blood Sugar?

There are several factors that affect your blood sugar levels, but doctors say that what you eat is the largest factor.

Consuming foods that are rich in carbs can immediately raise blood sugar levels.

How Many Crabs a Diabetics can Consume in a Day?

The intake of carbs can be depending on individuals.

The ADA recommends diabetics should get carbs around 45% of their calories.

Doctors suggest that an amount of carbs intake should be how much blood sugar levels your body can maintain.

Doctors always suggest low-carb diets for diabetes. So, if you have diabetes then try to avoid high-carbs foods.

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