9 Home Remedies for Managing Dry hair

By Priyanka

When your scalp doesn’t make enough natural oil to moisturize your hair, you may experience dry hair.

Many people use home remedies to treat hair if it becomes brittle and dry. So, here are 9 home remedies for managing dry hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains moisturizing properties that prevent protein loss from the hair, which keeps your hair hydrated and supple.

Pumpkin Seeds Oil and Honey

Pumpkin seeds oil can prevent hair loss and honey is a great moisturizer and it is used in the formation of hair conditioner.

Olive Oil and Raw Egg

Eggs are loaded with protein and fat that moisturize and nourish the hair and olive oil promote hair growth.

lavender and Aloe Vera

Lavender oil promotes hair growth and aloe vera can help prevent hair damage caused by the sun rays.

Shea Butter

Shea butter contains emollient properties that can help treat damaged and dry hair.

Olive Oil and Banana

Studies show that olive oil contains emollient properties that help moisturize the hair and banana is used in hair conditioners.

Avocado Paste

Avocado is rich in several nutrients, which nourish dry and damaged hair, helping to moisturize and strengthen it.

Gelatin Preparation

Plain gelatin loaded with protein, it helps moisturize and coats the hair stands, making the hair shiny.

Yogurt and Oil Mask

Yogurt and oil together can help restore moisture to brittle or very dry hair.

Dry hair can be treated with some home remedies that offer effective and inexpensive ways to restore moisture and shine.