Hardik Pandya Shares His Diet & Workout Routine

Hardik Pandya Shares His Diet & Workout Routine

By Priyanka

Hardik Pandya is a most talented Indian cricketer and he takes his diet and fitness more seriously.

Hardik successfully builds a well sculpted and toned physique. If you want to be like his physique, then read to find out.

Hardik Pandya Diet

Hardik Pandy follows a high protein diet, which also contains other important nutrients in his healthy meals.

Breakfast Foods

He likes fresh fruits, nuts and boiled eggs to kickstart his day. He also had salad and low fat cheese.

Lunch Foods

Various kinds of dal, roti, steamed vegetables, low-fat curd, fruit and vegetables salad, and curd or steamed rice.

Dinner Foods

Hardik eats light dinner with soup, fruit and vegetable salad, steamed rice, yellow dal and chicken or paneer for protein.

Hardik Workout Routine

Hardik follows a very strict workout routine, and he often shares his workout videos on his Instagram account.

Warm Ups

Firstly, he starts with warm ups, which prevents injuries, and increases flexibility and activates muscles.

Side Lungs

Side lungs help him to improve overall body balance, stability and leg strength.


He does at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, which helps him burn calories and improve strength.

Weight Training

Weight training can help build muscle, improve core strength, increase mobility and improve grip strength.

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