Hair Straightening Products Linked to Risk of Uterine Cancer"

By Priyanka

A study suggests that frequently using hair-straightening products may significantly increase the higher risk of uterine cancer.

Black women are likely to be affected due to the use of hair straightening products more frequently. According to NIEHS.

Study Leader Alexandra White, of NIEHS, said that 4.05% of women who frequently use hair straightening products caused Uterine Cancer.

She also said, this type of cancer is a relatively rare type of cancer, but it is important to know the information.

Black women use hair straightening products or relaxer products more frequently and they tend to start at earlier ages.

The study also noted that many chemicals have been found in hair straightening products and could contribute to the risk of uterine cancer.

The same team of this study previously found that hair dyes may increase the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

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