Gram Flour Face Pack benefits – Besan Face Packs

By Priyanka

Besan is one of the integral ingredients in Indian cuisine. It also works effectively for your skin.

Besan/flour pace packs have immense beauty benefits. You can make face packs and apply on the skin, which improves skin health.

Tan Removal

Mix besan, lemon juice, and yogurt. Apply this paste on your face, which removes every inch of skin tan.

Reduces Oiliness

Mix Besan and yogurt, make a paste of it. Apply this paste over your face, which reduces oiliness of the skin.

Lightens Skin

Mix besan, raw milk and lemon juice, gently scrub this paste on your face, which will help your skin lighten.

Removes Pimples

Make a paste of besan, sandalwood powder and milk. Applying this paste is an excellent way to remove pimples.

A Body Scrub

Besan/flour has exfoliating and healing properties that make a perfect homemade body scrub.

Besan/flour has several skin benefits. if you make a face pack and apply it on your face, which quickly gives you glowing & attractive skin.

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