5 Foods That Can Cause Hair Fall

By Priyanka

Foods that you eat give nutrition to your body which also goes to your hair. So, eating healthy can help keep your hair healthy and happy.

It is very important to avoid eating these foods, if you are experiencing hair fall. So, here are 5 foods that can cause hair fall.


Milk is good for overall health, but if you’re experiencing hair fall, then it could be consuming excessive dairy.


High intake of sugar can cause diabetes, blood pressure and also potentially cause hair fall.


Consuming alcohol can cause hair damage. It can also cause dehydration which makes hair dry, damaged and brittle.

Carbonated Drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks everyday may cause hair fall and may make you bald in the long run.

Refined Carbs

Consuming refined carbs may cause your hair fall. Foods like cakes, pizzas, bread and biscuits.

Try to avoid or reduce consuming these foods, because they may cause hair fall and lead to several health conditions.

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