5 Easy Ways to Use Bubble Face Mask

By Priyanka

Bubble face masks are unique and effectively cleansing masks that foam bubbles because of the special oxygenation process.

This face mask helps in removing impurities and dirt from your face and gives your glowing face.

Cleanse Your Skin

Cleanse your face with gentle cleanser and warm water, so that the pores are open up.

Apply Bubble Face Mask

Apply the mask on your face gently and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Wait for the Bubble to Form

Once you apply, you will see that bubble starts forming. Remember, don’t leave it in more than 18 minutes as it can cause dry skin.

Remove Bubble Face Mask

Gently remove the mask and massage your face that removes impurities and dirt.

Apply Moisture or Serum

Apply serum or moisture that keeps your skin supple and soft.

Bubble face masks are a kind of cleansing mask that clean your face while removing dirt and toxins from your face.

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