Does Skin Tone Affect Skin Care?

By Priyanka

There are several factors that affect our skin tone, which may be more prone to skin issues.

Our skin plays many roles in our body, including managing body temperature and keeping out bacteria.

Your skin tone may cause wrinkles, sunspots, and more prone to hyperpigmentation.

If you have lighter skin type, the wrinkles & sunspots may come with sun exposure.

Sun Damage

Every skin type requires sunscreen (at least SPF 30), which helps prevent skin cancer & slow photoaging.


Using Sunscreen may also offer several other benefits, including protecting skin from UV rays.

Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation to get worse. So, applying sunscreen may help stop hyperpigmentation.


Having dry skin can affect every skin type, so apply moisturizer to keep healthy and smooth skin.


If you have sensitive skin, then use products that are comfortable with your skin type.

Skin Sensitivity

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