3 Different Types of Hair and How to Identify them

By Priyanka

Having long, lustrous and silky hair is a favorite for most people. Everyone has unique hair and there are 3 different types of hair.

Oily Hair

It is very common that those who have oily skin may have oily hair.

The oily hair always looks dull and lifeless. Also, oily hair looks greasy and limp.

Normal Hair

If you have shiny and healthy hair, then you come in this category. This hair type is uncommon to find.

To recognize this hair type it contains minimal dandruff and hair loss.

Dry Hair

If your skin is dry, then you may have dry hair. This is a result of the insufficient production of sebum.

You may get dry hair by using harsh shampoos, chemical treatment and overexposure to the sun.

These are the common types of hair and can be determined by the amount of sebum produced by the scalp. Remember, each hair type requires different care routines.

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