Complete Guide to Different Types of Perms"

By Priyanka

Perming means curling your hair by changing the bonds in the hair strands. There are many different types of perms.

Perms can create a style that helps women stand out from the crowd. So, here are some different types of perms.

Spot Perm

The spot perm can make your hair look thicker and more luxurious, and it requires low maintenance.

Spiral Perm

The spiral perm creates very tight curls and adds lots of volume to your hair. This perm works well with long hair.

Straight Perm

Straight perm can take out any natural curls from the hair and make your hair look straight and smooth.

Volumizing Perm

This perm creates more volume in the hair and makes the hair look wavy, and this is suitable for shorter and longer hair.

Digital Perm

Digital perm creates natural-looking waves without using harsh chemicals. It’s best for thin or very straight hair.

Body Wave Perm

Body wave perm is very popular creating romantic waves, and this style looks natural and increases the volume of the hair.

If you have long, short or medium hair, several perms can help highlight your best features at any age.

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