5 Common Causes of Hair Tangling

By Shalu

There could be several reasons why your hair is constantly tangling, such as hair texture, exposure to wind and more.

Whether your hair is short or long, you will have to deal with tangled knots at some stage. So, here are 5 common causes of hair tangling.

Lack of Moisture

When your hair lacks moisture, it leads to tension, which causes tangles.

Untrimmed Dry Ends

Not trimming your dry hair leads to frizzy hair and split ends, which tends to break easily.

Damaged Cuticles

Regularly using blow-drying or heat styling can make your shafts break resulting in knots.

Sleeping with Your Hair Down

Sleeping without braiding can lead to some serious tangles.

Not Combing your Hair

Not combing your hair or improper detangling of your hair can lead to more tangles and knots.

Hair tangling can happen to all types of hair. If you have naturally curly, damaged, longer shoulder length may be more common to tangle.

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