Bella Hadid’s Exact Skincare Routine: Don't Miss

By Priyanka

Bella Hadid is an American supermodel. She always keeps her skin glowing and more attractive.

Bella Hadid follows a very strict skincare routine. So, here is Bella Hadid's exact skincare routine.

Bella Hadid’s Skincare Routine

Bella Hadid follows a very simple skincare routine.

She says she has super sensitive skin and her skin tends to get dry easily.

She sticks on the products for so long that she knows that some of the products work well on her skin. She doesn’t change them.

Moisturizing products are her preferred skincare product, and she always applies moisturizer before going to bed.

She uses gentle face wash, moisturizing face mask, and oil-infused serum to keep her skin healthy & glowing.

Bella Hadid always wears mascara and lip gloss that make her face more attractive and shine.

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