5 Beauty Secrets to Steal from Madhuri Dixit

By Priyanka

Madhuri Dixit turned 55, but her skin still maintains that natural glow after years of wearing makeup.

She revealed several beauty secrets that can help her get glowing and fresh-looking skin. So, read to find out.

Stay Hydrated

Madhuri says, drinking enough water is very important, which makes your glow from inside and enhances skin health.

Go All-Natural

She also said, go with all natural products, because they have no side effects and are good for keeping smooth and supple skin.

Use Vitamin C Serum

Madhuri Dixit uses vitamin C serum on her face to reduce dark spots and minor scars.

Never Sleep with Makeup on

She never sleeps with makeup on, because it causes breakouts and makes skin dull and dry.

Use DIY Face Packs

She said, using homemade face packs are perfect for people with sensitive skin. It also brightens and nourishes the skin.

Madhuri Dixit looks stunning at 40, and her skin care and beauty care routine is simple but effective. So, follow her beauty secrets.

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